Monday, July 22, 2013

Hybernating - Hiatus - Slowly Resurfacing

Hello folks. My apologies for abandoning you. Since becoming a Mom, I have postponed work, blogging, and well, everything I used to do and be. I knew life would be different, I just didn't realize that so much of what I used to consume myself with would virtually disappear into the backseat of a vehicle undriven. Instead of posting blogs (since it takes time to sit here and think and write stuff), I have resorted to facebook to post quick links and tips on holistic health and wellness. If you have not already, and you want to keep up with me, like my facebook page. At some point in the not too far away future I do intend to resurface from my blogging hiatus to continuing blessing you with my ideas and nutrition knowledge and herbal know-how. In the me on facebook. Thanks everyone. Cheers to your health!